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The Tour Shop

Our Raison d’etre

The Nigerian Tourism Industry is a sleeping giant with untapped vast potentials in size and diversity.

The vision of the tourism has been negated over the years, except for lip services paid by government and few parks to remind anyone that tourism did exist in Nigeria.

It is with this budding concept of reviving the tourism industry through well packaged promotions and marketing activities that The Tour Shop sprang out in 1998, became a registered company in 2004


We are an art promotion and tourism marketing service company,  who work towards the attainment of one goal -

Customer Satisfaction.

We are all about building relationships that profits and work for the tourist

and destinations on one hand and between us and clients on the other hand.

We possess keen minds and plans to maintain cutting edge techniques to assume frontal position in the art and tourism service sub-sector.


Our Vision

To continually offer windows for the preservation of our cultural heritage and stimulation of development, packaging and marketing in the areas of Art and Tourism thereby making us the choice art promotion and tourism marketing service company

Our Mission

To fully utilize accessibilities, concepts and collaborations with like organizations and individuals using tools of consultancy, packaged tours and exhibitions to sustain marked development and growth in art and tourism.

Our Focus is to:

Provide total business satisfaction in everything we do.

Do our business in the most professional manner.

Consistently provide strategic and creative marketing solutions.

Deal with one another and with you as we would like to be dealt

Our values are [Our Clients]:    

they are our best ambassadors

Our People:

they are our great and true assets


Our Staff: 

their skill make things work


Our Suppliers:

building good will and loyalty with them is essential

Our Commitment, loyalty and good management

because they are ingredient for success

Our open communication that is clear,

unambiguous and truthful.

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