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Organise seminars, workshop/training programmes for personnel in travel, hospitality and tourism.

There are collaborations with Ministry of Culture and Tourism as well as like minded private

organizations and individuals to promote tourism in the Federation


Tourism Marketing

A navigational base to pull consumers through the world of tourism.  This offers to consumer different choice packages in the travel, hospitality, art, culture and tourist destinations.


These packages come in different grades, economic and product content, but all offers excitement, fulfillment and utility in common partakers.


Television Production

The Tour Shop has a unit dedicated to television production in the area of arts, ecotourism and cultural matters in general.Documentary, Featurette where amazing artists like Okonfo RAO Kawawa, the Osun Groove in Osogbo, the Vodoo festival in Benin Republic are part of the offerings from the stable of The Tour Sop.

Currently running on the Network Service of  the Nigerian Television Authority is a mini

documentary on art titled “Living Art with Biola”



We at The Tour Shop recognise Art as a language of beauty, reminder of history, recognition of superb creativity and ingenuity, a gem for te upper echelon and a form of expression.  For this, an Art Exhibition that exposes and promote individuals that possess art prowess in its various forms is stage, with the brand name - Colours and Forms.

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